Book A Visioning Workshop for Your Neighborhood Group

How well do you know your neighborhood and the people who live in it? It’s a question worth exploring, and the answers may surprise you.

ONE Omaha recently conducted a visioning workshop for the Morton Meadows Neighborhood Association (MMNA). This active group, which is home to the University of Nebraska Medical Center, runs from Center to Leavenworth streets and from 42nd Street to Saddle Creek Road.

MMNA neighbors often work together on projects like the association’s community garden and actively communicate with one other via social media.

During the workshop, I helped them explore the individual assets of those present. What surprised the group was the number of residents interested in and informed about solar power. That’s when the lightbulb went off – what if the association added solar panels to its community garden? The group continued to pursue this idea and recently received a $1,700 gift sponsored by Waste Management to execute it.

When people talk with one another, amazing things happen. If you’re interested in booking a ONE Omaha Visioning Workshop for your neighborhood group, contact us at

I’m guessing your neighborhood is full of assets. Find out what they are so they can help your group achieve its goals!

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