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Neighborhood Needs Assessment

Good afternoon,

To help guide the next steps for Omaha’s Neighborhood Associations, the Center for Public Affairs Research at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, in coordination with ONE Omaha, is conducting a neighborhood needs assessment. This needs assessment will help to identify strategies that make best use of existing resources and offer the best response to neighborhood conditions.

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National Night Outs Return August 7th

The first step to building well-connected communities is creating and supporting opportunities for neighbors to get to know each other.

National Night Out is an annual event hosted by neighborhoods across Omaha with the goals of bringing people together and creating positive experiences between residents, police officers, fire fighters, and local representatives.

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Omaha NeighborFest 2018: Activating People, Places, and Spaces

Earlier this year, One Omaha brought together a group of passionate community leaders from all around Omaha to form the steering committee for a third annual local neighborhoods conference. The committee, a group with diverse backgrounds, interests, and experiences, wanted to do something that was different, fun, and not necessarily confined to the norms of a standard conference. Their ideas have taken form in the creation of Omaha NeighborFest: Activating People, Places, and Spaces.

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