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Get Inspired by These Neighborhood Projects!

Mini Grants: Look What Your Neighbors Are Doing!
We love it when a plan comes together! Take a moment to read what your neighbors are doing – below is a progress report on the IN the Neighborhood Conference Mini Grants that were awarded last fall.

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Host a Visioning Workshop This Winter

host a visioning workshop this winter – we can help

Neighborhood groups are a lot like animals who hibernate – many of them take a hiatus when the temperatures drop to recharge their batteries so they’re ready to spring to life come March or April.
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Have You Seen Omaha’s CIP Lately?

Part of being a good neighbor is learning how city government works so you can make it work for your corner of Omaha. So if you’ve never heard of the city’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP), it’s time to do a little studying.

The City of Omaha’s six-year Capital Improvement Program, referred to by those ‘in the know’ as the CIP, is the primary tool used by the city to coordinate major projects involving Omaha’s street and sewer systems, parks, public facilities and other infrastructure. It is adopted annually, along with the city’s budget. The first year in the six-year CIP also functions as the city’s capital budget for that year.

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The Neighborhood Directory: Is Your Listing Current?

Part of being a neighborhood group is being plugged in to the world around you. One of your jobs is making it easy for others to connect with your organization. That being said, is your association listed in the City of Omaha Neighborhood Association Directory? Is the information correct?

It’s super important to be able to check the “yes” box for both questions. In order for your group to be eligible for funds from the Mayor’s Annual Neighborhood Grant Program, it must be listed in the directory. This also applies to other funders.

The updated directory is pretty cool. It’s interactive, so you can look up what neighborhood association you belong to based on your address. You can also print out maps of your neighborhood association’s boundaries.

On that note, here’s an important announcement, so please pay attention:

Neighborhood associations will be receiving a formal notice from the City of Omaha asking how it would like to receive future correspondence, whether it be through mail, email or certified mail. Be on the lookout for it, and make sure to reply in a timely manner. You don’t want to miss out on news and opportunities that could benefit your group.

Here’s to staying connected!

– Julie Smith
ONE Omaha project manager

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Book A Visioning Workshop for Your Neighborhood Group

How well do you know your neighborhood and the people who live in it? It’s a question worth exploring, and the answers may surprise you.

ONE Omaha recently conducted a visioning workshop for the Morton Meadows Neighborhood Association (MMNA). This active group, which is home to the University of Nebraska Medical Center, runs from Center to Leavenworth streets and from 42nd Street to Saddle Creek Road.

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Deadline to Submit Project Proposal for Omaha SOUP Sept. 10

ONE Omaha and friends will host the first installment of Omaha SOUP – a fundraising competition for community improvement projects – Oct. 17 at the Hot Shops Art Center.

During the competition, a select group of neighborhood advocates will make Shark Tank-style pitches for community improvement projects.

Attendees will make a donation at the door, which gives them access to soup, sides, drinks and a voting ballot. After listening to the pitches, they will vote for their favorite project. The three projects that receive the most votes will receive a tiered percentage of funds raised that evening to help with implementation.

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