If our city could talk, I think it would say

To my dearly beloved Omahans,

My heart skips a beat when I think about all the hours you invest to make me a better place. Every effort you make to bring neighbors together, every minute you spent worrying and acting on a concern to help the well being of yourself and your neighbors, and every single time you had an instinct to act on the right choice for me and all Omahans.

It is because of you that my landscape is thriving. Not only do you preserve and care for my physical landscape, most importantly you weave the social fabric. Each time you show care and goodwill to your neighbors you are creating community.  The family feeling and exchange of love is all around me. Love is felt through the hugs and loving embrace at neighborhood alliance events, it is seen in the tears of passion during conversations about community betterment, it’s heard from the excited squeals and applause for Neighborhoods, USA 2017 (http://www.nusa.org/nusa-conferences/upcoming-conferences/) , and its tasted from all the yummy food you lovingly prepare for different neighborhood events!

Grassroots work is what makes me tick. I am great only because of you and people like you. Thank you for loving me. Xoxo.

Be mine. Forever.

Omaha xoxo

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