The LEAD program is a two-workshop program that takes participants through the fundamentals of neighborhood based work, being a great neighbor and leader, identifying and utilizing assets in the neighborhood, and planning an impactful neighborhood project. The curriculum is specific to the challenges of Omaha’s Neighborhood Associations. After attending both sessions, ONE Omaha’s staff will be there to support the implementation of your neighborhood project.

Session 101: Learn how to make your neighborhood a better place to live and how to be the best neighbor on your block.

  • Defining leadership/types of leadership
  • Neighborhood leadership
  • Omaha’s neighborhood network
  • Identifying neighborhood strengths/needs
  • The role of neighborhood associations in community betterment projects
  • Common elements of effective neighborhood projects
  • Asset based community development
  • Ideal neighbors/tools to help you be a neighborhood leader
  • Property maintenance/municipal codes
  • Reporting/addressing/conflict resolution
  • Starting to identify assets for your project

Session 102: Get creative and have fun during this interactive workshop. Develop a neighborhood project and get one on one support to implement it.

  • Review of asset based community development
  • Types of neighborhood projects
  • Problems & strengths
  • Neighborhood assessments
  • The five W’s of project planning
  • Answering questions with assets
  • Building partnerships
  • Hospitality & stewardship
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Elevator speeches
  • Policy/working with decision makers
  • Organizational & leader reputation
  • Funding
  • Follow up/recognition
  • Evaluation

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