Leadership Series

The Leadership Series is made up of four parts:

  1. LEAD: Neighborhood Visioning Sessions with a focus on comprehensive and impactful project development with your neighbors. Have us come facilitate and help develop goals.
  2. Neighborhood Leadership Academy:
  3. Citizens’ Academy for Omaha’s Future: Five sessions over five weeks that focus on civic engagement, navigating local government, local and regional planning, development, housing, transportation, and more.n 4: Housing
    • To be announced
  4. Block Talks Training: This session trains leaders on conducting a Block Talk (also known as a walk audit) with their neighbors to measure the walkability and accessibility of neighborhoods, and develop strategies for improvement. Participants will be trained on how to facilitate a neighborhood Block Talk and an action plan for project, policy, and program development.
    • To be announced


An important note about ioby and matching funds: ONE Omaha has partnered with ioby.org to bring a community-based crowdfunding platform to Omaha. We have offered up to a $2000 dollar-for-dollar match for organizations that qualify.

Last year, the way to qualify was to have three or more members of your organization attend any of our leadership development programming.

This year, we have more interest in attending these programs in the spring than we have space for, so we have developed a new way to qualify for matching funds. To qualify for matching funds, your group will only need to set up a LEAD Neighborhood Visioning Session with ONE Omaha. In this session, we will use neighborhood strengths, asset based community development strategies, and other resources to help you identify and plan impactful projects with your neighbors.

LEAD sessions are open to all groups in all areas of Omaha and will be scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis. To schedule a session, fill out the linked registration form and mark that you are interested in scheduling a LEAD session, or contact Mike McGuire at leadership@oneomaha.org to start the process of scheduling a session.

We ask that a minimum of three neighbors are able to attend the session and the session is promoted to your association members and residents of your neighborhood. ONE Omaha will assist your organization in promoting the session.

The rest of the Leadership Series (Neighborhood Leadership Academy, Citizens’ Academy for Omaha’s Future, and Block Talk Training) will have limited availability, so register now at http://oneomaha.org/register/