Funding is available to support community organizing efforts!

Mobilizing Mini-Grant


One Omaha created a rapid response mini-grant to support activists who are protesting for racial justice. You can apply for up to $500 to support grassroots organizing efforts.

Examples of what we are seeking to fund include (but are not limited to):

  • Water, snacks, masks, and first aid kits for demonstrations or rallies
  • Fees related to public protests such as permits, barricades, or PA system rental
  • Printing of materials, signs, or t-shirts 

What we cannot fund:

  • Activities related to lobbying, politics, or supporting candidates for public office
  • Diversity and inclusion practices
  • Contract work
  • Legal or bail fees 

More Info

We strongly encourage coalitions and informal groups led by people of color to apply. You do not need a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status or a fiscal sponsor to receive funding.

Applicants are notified of funding decisions within 24 hours. Grant awards are decided on by One Omaha staff and funds are sent via check within one week.

Who is One Omaha?

One Omaha builds tools and resources to support community-led projects. We know Omaha has a deep-rooted history of covert and overt racism. Redlining, racial covenants, and housing discrimination are a few practices among many that contribute to why our organization exists – we serve people aspiring to reverse the effects of racism in their neighborhood that are still present.

For more information, contact or 402-554-3580.

Grant Application

Thank you for applying and bravely doing the work that you do.

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