Neighborhood Leadership Academy Session a Success!

The premiere Neighborhood Leadership Academy session was a success!

Seventeen community leaders attended a 2 hour workshop at UNO CEC.

When asked ‘What did you like best about today’s session?’ One participant said, “Engaging conversation driven through experience. Provided tips and posters from an applied perspective with good ideas that are often left untouched in similar community engagement type workshops.”

Are you interested in being a part of this amazing opportunity to build your leadership skills as it relates to your neighborhoods needs? Sign up for the next Academy session Wednesday, March 16thCapacity Building. Click here!

Learning objectives for Capacity Building Workshop

  • Utilizing your neighborhoods assets towards your associations mission
  • Identifying and recruiting potential volunteers
  • Managing volunteers and their roles and responsibilities
  • How partnerships can increase your organization’s capacity
  • Creating an inclusive and rewarding environment
  • Sharing the workload

We are so excited to meet you and collaborate and share ideas together!

Other important information!

+ Neighborhood Grant Q & A tonight at Weitz Community Engagement Center 6-8pm 
Ask the experts about your associations’ funding proposal for community-based projects.

+ Spring Clean Up Kick Off Tuesday at Weitz Community Engagement Center! 5:30-6:30pm
Attend and be the first to know about new outreach opportunities KOB has developed with support from ONE Omaha.

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