Neighborhood Alliances

Omaha is very unique in terms of neighborhood organizing because larger coalitions called neighborhood alliances exist throughout Omaha, where neighborhood association leaders convene. Individual neighborhood associations, united by shared geography, come together for a macro-view of their area of the city.

Midtown Neighborhood Alliance

The mission of the Midtown Neighborhood Alliance (MNA) is to preserve the integrity of and advocate for vibrant community which… continue reading

North 24th Street Alliance

The mission of the North 24th Street Alliance is to create commerce along the 24th Street corridor. The North 24th… continue reading

North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance

The mission of the North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance (NONA) is to bring north Omaha neighborhood associations together to transform north… continue reading

South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance

The mission of the South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance (SONA) is to enhance south Omaha neighborhoods through communication, collaboration, empowerment, and… continue reading

Southwest Omaha Neighborhood Alliance

Southwest Omaha Neighborhood Alliance’s (SWONA) mission it to promote improvements in the quality of life in southwest Omaha through cooperative… continue reading

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