Introduction to Neighborhood Alliances

Omaha is very unique in terms of neighborhood organizing because larger coalitions called neighborhood alliances exist throughout Omaha, where neighborhood association leaders convene. Individual neighborhood associations, united by shared geography, come together for a macro-view of their area of the city.

The neighborhood alliances serve as community forums where neighborhood associations can share their concerns, best practices, and current initiatives. They are also an opportunity to undertake collaborative projects between nearby neighborhoods. This framework gives leaders the opportunity to discuss and discover resident demands. All alliance meetings are open to the public. Below is a brief description of each alliance.

The Midtown Neighborhood Alliance (MNA) is an alliance of midtown neighborhood associations whose common mission is to preserve the integrity of and advocate for a vibrant community that is sustainable, secure, diverse, historically rich and economically

The North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance (NONA) is dedicated to improving the quality of life in our community by supporting, connecting and growing North Omaha neighborhoods.

The North 24th Street Corridor Alliance working towards creating unity and commerce along the 24th Street corridor.

The Northwest Omaha Neighborhood Alliance (NWNA) seeks to enhance and improve the quality of life in surrounding neighborhoods through collaborative efforts, give a greater voice to common issues, encourage communications and relationships among neighbors and business owners in matters of public services and environmental protection, prevent crime through the use of approved programs, and promote and participate in the civic life of Omaha.

The South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance (SONA) is dedicated to enhancing South Omaha neighborhoods through communication, collaboration, empowerment and promoting positive perceptions.

The Southwest Omaha Neighborhood Alliance (SWONA) is composed of neighborhood associations and business districts in and around southwest Omaha. Members believe in working together to affect positive interaction and communications to maintain and improve our community.

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