Introduction to Neighborhood Associations

What is a neighborhood association?

A neighborhood association is a grassroots volunteer organization within a section of a city that has a common identity. Open membership allows residents to gather and share their ideas, thoughts, feelings, and work to cooperatively build a stronger neighborhood.

Why are neighborhood associations important?

Neighborhood associations are tools for residents to access available resources to create programs, initiatives, and events that address issues and/or produce real change to improve the quality of life for neighborhood residents.

Neighborhoods organize for a variety of reasons: to address a concern such as crime, to empower
residents, and to build community.

Neighborhood associations can also support the well-being of a community in a variety of ways: health, safety, environment, economy, food production, and the raising of children (Seven Functions that Only Effectively Organized Neighborhoods Can Provide, by John McKnight).

Omaha’s neighborhood associations

There are 190+ registered neighborhood associations within the Omaha metropolitan area. The number of active associations fluctuates year-to-year as some associations become less active and new associations form. Some associations are 70+ years old, while others are less than 2 years old. What a neighborhood association attempts and accomplishes varies according to what members and leadership determine to be the most important issues facing their neighborhood.

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