Omaha Neighborhood Association Resource Guide

A neighborhood association is a grassroots volunteer organizations within a section of a city that has a common identity. Open membership allows residents to gather and share their ideas, thoughts, feelings, and work to cooperatively build a stronger neighborhood.

Why Are Neighborhood Associations Important?

Neighborhood associations are tools for residents to access available resources to create programs, initiatives, and events that address issues and/or produce real change to improve the quality of life for neighborhood residents.

Neighborhoods organize for a variety of reasons: to address a concern such as crime, to empower residents, and to build community.

Neighborhood associations can also support the well-being of a community in a variety of ways: health, safety, environment, economy, food production, and the raising of children (Seven Functions that only Effectively Organized Neighborhoods Can Provide, by John McKnight).

Omaha’s Neighborhood Associations

There are 190+ registered neighborhood associations within the Omaha metropolitan area. The number of active associations fluctuates year-to-year as some associations become less active and new associations form. Some associations are 70+ years old, while others are less than 2 years old. What a neighborhood association attempts and accomplishes varies according to what members and leadership determine to be important issues facing their neighborhood.

Structuring a Neighborhood Association

Structuring a Neighborhood Association Types of organizations A charitable organization is the simplest organizational structure, consisting of a group of people gathering… continue reading

Meeting Fundamentals

Meeting Fundamentals The way meetings are run dramatically influences how members become and stay involved in an association. If meetings… continue reading

Starting A Neighborhood Association

Is there a neighborhood association in your area? The city of Omaha maintains a directory of currently active neighborhood associations,… continue reading

Introduction to Neighborhood Alliances

Omaha is very unique in terms of neighborhood organizing because larger coalitions called neighborhood alliances exist throughout Omaha, where neighborhood… continue reading

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