Starting A Neighborhood Association

Is there a neighborhood association in your area?

The city of Omaha maintains a directory of currently active neighborhood associations, information on meetings, and contact information. If there is an active neighborhood association in you area, consider joining it. To find out if there is an active association in your area, please visit

Why do you want to start a neighborhood association?

Neighborhood associations start for various reasons: to advocate around development concerns, in response to ongoing safety concerns, to create new community programs, or to find ways to make their neighborhood a better place. Identify why you want a neighborhood association and prepare a brief presentation focused on the benefits of creating such an organization. Invite active members of you neighborhood, give your presentation, and listen to your neighbors’ feedback.

Are you prepared to start a neighborhood association?

Organizing a neighborhood association is a big job requiring a variety of skills such as project planning and development, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, and succession planning and mentorship. While it may seem difficult at first, developing your association is a very rewarding process; and as your neighbors come together to address common concerns and learn to work together as a group, the work becomes much lighter on the founding members.

Consider participating in One Omaha’s Leadership Series to develop and learn more about the skills necessary to organize an active and effective neighborhood association. To find out more, visit our Training page.

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