Have You Seen Omaha’s CIP Lately?

Part of being a good neighbor is learning how city government works so you can make it work for your corner of Omaha. So if you’ve never heard of the city’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP), it’s time to do a little studying.

The City of Omaha’s six-year Capital Improvement Program, referred to by those ‘in the know’ as the CIP, is the primary tool used by the city to coordinate major projects involving Omaha’s street and sewer systems, parks, public facilities and other infrastructure. It is adopted annually, along with the city’s budget. The first year in the six-year CIP also functions as the city’s capital budget for that year.

If you’ve looked at the CIP in past years, it was, ummmmm, challenging to interpret. Taxpayers like you and organizations interested in transparency in government suggested that changes needed to be made, and the planning department listened. Take a look at the latest version:

2018-2023 CIP (it takes a while to load, so be patient)

City of Omaha City Planner Kevin Carder said the changes made in this year’s CIP document are intended to make it easier to use and understand, whether you’re a member of the public or a city staffer. “The new format lays the foundation for further improvements in future iterations of the CIP,” he said.

To help introduce the changes, they’ve also created a handy, two-page fact sheet that explains how the CIP is organized and the process that’s followed each year to update it.

If you’re still struggling after you’ve taken time to investigate it, Kevin will try and help clear things up for you. He can be reached at kevin.carder@cityofomaha.org or 402.444.5150, x2010.

Get busy reading.

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