South Omaha Leadership Academy Recap

Last week we wrapped up our South Omaha Leadership Series. 33 leaders in total participated, representing 28 associations and organizations. The series began in April with the Neighborhood Leadership Academy, a series of organizational skills trainings for neighborhood leaders.

In June, we began the Citizens’ Academy for Omaha’s Future. We hosted five sessions with panel discussions on Local Government & Advocacy, Planning, Transportation, Housing, and Development.

Our final session was last week’s Block Talks Training. This session was all about conducting a Walk Audit to measure the walkability, accessibility, and connectivity of neighborhoods. We did a Mock Talk (Copyright Mike McGuire) around the Highland South-Indian Hill Neighborhood to show some facilitation methods.

Stay Tuned: Next week we will share the first information on our North Omaha Leadership Series, which will begin in October. If you would like to give input on workshops to be included in the North Omaha Neighborhood Leadership Academy, let us know here.

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