The Leadership Series

A set of geographically focused educational trainings designed to develop technical, human, and conceptual skills in all aspects of neighborhood and community leadership. The Leadership Series aims to provide knowledge and build confidence in leaders across Omaha. It is made up of┬áthe Neighborhood Leadership Academy, the Citizens’ Academy, and Block Talks Training.

Neighborhood Leadership Academy

A one-day series of workshops on organizational skills designed to grow capacity for both community leaders and organizations. Participants attend workshops on fundraising, grant writing, meeting facilitation, volunteer recruitment, communication, formalizing, and strategic planning.

Citizens’ Academy

A series of presentations and panel discussions on topics related to civic processes and how residents can most effectively shape the future of our city. Participants attend sessions on Local Government & Advocacy, Transportation, Planning & Development, Housing, Education, and Community Health.

You can register for the 2019 North Omaha Citizens’ Academy taking place on January 12 and January 21st here.

Block Talks Training

A workshop that trains neighborhood leaders on a process of measuring walkability, livability, and accessibility of an area based on elements of design, infrastructure, condition, safety, attractiveness, and place. Neighbors participate in a one-mile facilitated walk measuring these elements, and then create short and long-term project, program, and policy goals for their neighborhood. This process can be replicated for parks, vacant lots, business districts, and any other aspects neighborhood leaders wish to plan around.